As consumer behavior changes significantly, traditional television and dining out are giving way to streaming films and home delivery of food. On-demand food delivery to satisfy the hunger pangs of the new-age consumer has transformed the way food is consumed.  On-demand food delivery is now easier and more efficient thanks to smart technology and virtual food ordering assistants.

In this competitive market, restaurants increasingly partner with third-party aggregators to offer food deliveries on time and gain market share. It is simply unnecessary for consumers to leave their homes on weekends, so they can enjoy their weekend in the comfort of their homes. Perhaps that is why consumers have spent an increasing amount of money ordering food online.

Entrepreneurs who want to create their own on-demand food delivery service are inspired by UberEats. Uber is the one who has given birth to the on-demand economy and its food delivery service, called UberEats, has gained immense popularity across the globe. UberEats connects customers with restaurants and allows them to order food online by accessing digital menus and reading reviews. 

Well, this is the reason why more and more restaurant owners and food delivery startups want to invest in the UberEats like platform as it saves development costs and allows them to enter the market quickly. Now the question is where to get the best UberEats clone script as there are many companies. But before jumping on the list, let’s have a look at some stats and what benefits entrepreneurs get from the UberEats like app.

Food Delivery Market Overview

Since the online food delivery apps can make the entire delivery process seamless right from ordering food to accessing menus to reading reviews and leveraging multiple discount offers. Businesses from all across the world are planning to be a part of this growing industry. Indeed, UberEats is already capturing the food delivery market but still, there is the scope for becoming the next big player in this food delivery market. 

  • Online food delivery apps are expected to generate $10,196 million in 2020, which clearly encourages thousands of startups, SMEs, and entrepreneurs to get involved. 
  • Many people have begun to rely on delivery applications as a result of following social distancing due to the global COVID-19 outbreak. Moreover, 63 percent of consumers said they would prefer to receive food delivery through a food delivery app instead of dining out with their families.
  • According to a report by Nation's Restaurant News, 45% of customers would like to order food online in exchange for loyalty programs. 
  • PMQ, which covers pizza, reported that 67% of the customers go online to the same restaurant they frequented before. 

On-demand food delivery apps are rapidly gaining popularity and have revitalized the food industry, so there is no way a restaurant or food joint can ignore them. To understand why restaurants can gain huge growth prospects from the UberEats like the app, and why customers can find these apps exceptionally beneficial to satisfy their food cravings, we are going to show you some of the key advantages.

  • Deliver an easy and smooth customer experience
  • Build a visible brand
  • Boost customer retention ratio
  • Right data at your palm
  • Effective promotion
  • Improved customer service 
  • Cashless mobile customer experience
  • Personalized customer experience 
  • A win-win situation for everyone
  • Elevate brand loyalty

In almost every country, consumers use or have used UberEats like apps to order food. More companies are entering the food ordering market every day and below technology companies can help them to get things done. 

Top UberEats Clone Development Companies in the Market

Ordering food using an app like UberEats is extremely easy and this is the reason why the demand for the UberEats clone is constantly increasing among the entrepreneur's fraternity. Now without any ado, let's get started with the list of top 5 UberEats clone development companies across the globe. 

Elluminati Inc

Elluminati Inc is one of the leading UberEats clone development companies that is always thriving on delivering top-notch solutions to clients. Being an award-winning company, they have set their benchmark in on-demand app development and earned their prestige as the most reputed firm across the globe. The pool of skilled developers empowers them to understand the requirements of clients and deliver many projects from 15+ countries with a 95% customer retention rate. 


The company is popular for delivering creative and amazing food delivery solutions. Further, Bytesflow collaborates with the large and small enterprises and offer them mobile-first and user-centric UberEats clone which are in high demand among the customers. The company also provides its maintenance support all throughout the development, from ideation to deployment and launching. 

Code Regime

Code Regime is renowned as one of the top companies that provide customers with application solutions for food delivery. Known for its ability to offer affordable app solutions, the company is a popular choice for customers from India as well as the US. They have 200+ skilled developers and designers who help their clients on the basis of cost, geography, and scale. 


Omninos is one of the most recognized app development companies with an extensive range of experience in the same domain. They believe in maintaining integrity and transparency in the projects and help out clients to stand first in the market with their excellent performance solutions. They have got expertise in the development, customization, and integration of modern features with constant improvements.  


Abservetech is a prominent name in the field of food delivery solutions, offering entrepreneurs a complete UberEats clone development cycle right from ideation to launching. Since its inception, they have always thrived on delivering quality and building healthy relationships with their customers. With an extensive range of experience in customising, robust and scalable apps at cost-effective prices, they have a first choice to hire developers globally.

Wrapping It Up

There is no shortcut to getting it right in the food delivery market.  The best strategy is to have a delivery platform like UberEats that puts customers at the core. Indeed, third-party delivery apps are popular but restaurants have their own solution like UberEats put them in better control to offer an attractive menu, better pricing, and an overall improved food ordering and delivery experience.